Tuesday, October 05, 2010

National Geographic Recognition!

Click on caption of photo to see a larger version, then use your back button to return to the blog.  Enjoy.
Bivalve From Space

I just started submitting photos the National Geographic.  (They allow one photo per month.)  And I learned today that this September photo - Bivalve from Space, the Alien Scallop, Scallop from Another Galaxy, or any number of possible titles - was chosen in the Daily Dozen for September-Week 4.  This means it may show up in an upcoming National Geographic Magazine.  To see it at the National Geographic website - 
click the Daily Dozen tab, then choose September-Week 4, starting here: http://ngm.nat...ionalgeographic.com/your-shot/daily-dozen

And to think it was a "failed test photo".

It "failed" because the settings for ambient light were way off.  The sea grass was supposed to show up softly in the background. But the underexposure combined with bright flash (in a bag underwater) and the flecks of silt that we had stirred up came together to make this extraterrestrial delight. Nothing was altered here (except the viewer's perception).

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