Monday, February 07, 2011

On the Road Again.

Click on photo for larger version, then your Back Button to return here.  Enjoy!

I'm trying to become more diligent about posting notes here, but get foiled whenever I'm travelling... which seems like a lot.  Often travel means camping, working early to late (shooting photos), or otherwise having no access to the internet.

Right now I'm in a motel in Lake Placid, FL on a shooting trip for FWC (Office of Recreation Services)... catching up on several days of emails, I got one from my boss saying that our office is being eliminated in our new governor's proposed budget... hmmm, I may be out of a job soon. (Not that I will stop my conservation photography).

Meanwhile, here's a photo from a trail I walked today at Tenorac Fish Management Area.  This female pileated woodpecker was so focused on her foraging that she ignored my approaching and photographing her.  After I had made my shots, I just watched her, not 20 feet away, for the longest time.

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